Coaches' Profiles

April Gamallo

Certifications: L1 and CrossFit Mobility

Why do you coach?  "I love seeing people improve themselves and achieve new things.  It doesn't matter how far you have to go, all that matters is that you're continually improving."

Favorite WOD?  Annie and Diane

Coaching Motto:  "The only way to improve at anything is to do more of it.  If the "hard" stuff is always avoided, then it's not a goal, it's just a wish."

"The pvc pipe is your best friend."

"It only take 5 minutes per day mobilizing to help recovery and flexibility.  Yes-Every.  Single.  Day."


Caitlin Harris

Certification: L1

Why do you coach? "I enjoy interacting with the athletes and love to see them improve!"

Favorite WOD? "I don't know about a favorite WOD, but anything with pistols and cleans."

Coaching Motto: "If you believe in yourself and have dedication and pride- and never quit, you will be a winner." Bear Bryant.

Chris Gamallo

Certifications: L1 and CrossFit Football

Why do you coach? "To help people become a better version of themselves. Watching athletes do what they thought was impossible is what drives me."

Favorite WOD? Fran

Coaching Motto: "Nothing good comes from comfort zones."

"If you're not scared to lift it, it's probably too light."

"Have fun, work hard, and kill everything."


Dakota Bailey

Certifcation: L1

Why do you coach? "I coach because I enjoy helping athletes accomplish goals that they though they would never reach."

Favorite WOD? Murph

Coaching Motto: "Rather the pain of discipline, than the pain of regret."

Joey Warren

Certification:  L1

Why do you coach? "Because I love seeing progress. Seeing people get a pull up or get a PR.... it's awesome to witness. It doesn't just fuel them, it fuels the rest of us."

Favorite WOD: JT

Coaching Motto: Challenge the things you're bad at more, not the things you're great at.


Tamie Cooper

Certification: L1

Why do you coach? "When I first started CrossFit I thought I would love to be a coach one day to teach and motivate people. Since coaching it's become more about watching people succeed, seeing someone get that first box jump or doulbe under or hitting a PR they've been working for. As coaches we get as excited about someone else's PR as we do our own, maybe more."

Favorite WOD: "Anything with wall balls and kettlebell swings. Benchmark WODs, Karen or Grace."

Coaching Motto: "just keep moving"

Will Combs

Certifications: L1

Why do you coach? I coach because I have a passion for seeing people succeed through hard work and dedication. I enjoy motivating people and helping push them to reach their maximum potential. 

Favorite WOD?  Isabel

Coaching Motto: Never let success go to your head. Never let failure go to your heart.