Unlimited CrossFit*

Single: $99 / month

Couples: $159 / month

Family**: $159/ month + $49 each additional member / month

3 Day Package

$79 / month (No Open Gym –  3 Classes / week)

2 Day Package

$59/ month (No Open Gym- 2 Classes/week)

Student 3 Day Package

$49 / month ( 3 Classes / week )

Student Unlimited

$59/ month 

Drop-in Fee

$10 or Buy a T-Shirt

**Family includes members in same household only 

(Pricing is month to month and does not require a contract.)

Motivated People Only

By financially committing to Death by CrossFit, you agree to give 100% of what you have in the 3-5 hours you’re here each week. There are no excuses, second chances, or apologies. Every day, every moment is an opportunity to excel, to get better, to be more, to achieve your best. Do not waste your time by simply going through the motions. Train hard and get results. At the end of the day, look in the mirror and ask yourself if you gave your all.

CrossFit is hard. It challenges you in new ways everyday. It will make you a physically and mentally stronger version of yourself. It’s worth it!